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Drum Brakes

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The TE series drum brakes shown here have been developed using state of the art industrial brake technology according to DIN 15435.

This robust model was particularly designed for use in general engineering, metallurgy, crane and conveyor plants, for use both underground and above ground, as well as in wind turbine plants.

These brakes are for use whenever a constant brake torque is of utmost importance, not only for reasons of safety but also from a commercial standpoint.

Solid steel brake shoe lever and base plate result in small deflections and therefore smaller air travel losses

Optimal lever geometry, in other words maximum leverage transfer – braking moment independent of rotation direction

Square spiral element with scale for simple, safe adjustment of brake torque

Special brake pressure springs with the smallest spring constant possible for making full use of air device lifting force when observing normal releasing

Lightweight metal brake shoes with steel boxing: brake lining with friction value 0.4 or 0.3 riveted and/or glued and available both in asbestos-free and metal-free design

Special clamping springs hold the brake shoes in place and can be easily released due to their special design using a simple problem-free shoe change

All important bearings bushed with maintenance-free bushes

Rotary connection of brake shoe lever

Bolts made from corrosion and acid-resistant steel to DIN 17440

Standard parts galvanised


sibre trommelbremse te

Drum Brake Type TE with external spring and electrohydraulic thruster


sibre trommelbremse tec

Drum Brake Type TEc for electrohydraulic thruster and internal spring


sibre trommelbremse te

Drum Brake Type TE 160 with external spring and electrohydraulic thruster

sibre trommelbremse thi

Drum Brake Type THI with external spring and hydraulic cylinder


sibre trommelbremse tpi

Drum Brake Type TPI with external spring and pneumatic cylinder


sibre trommelbremse tmb

Drum Brake Type TMB with external torque spring and solenoid


sibre trommelbremse sbg

Drum Brake Type SBG with electrohydraulic thruster, weight operated


sibre trommelbremse sbm

Drum Brake Type SBM with handwheel


sibre trommelbremse sbh


Drum Brake Type SBH with external spring and electrohydraulic thruster


sibre trommelbremse te-l

Drum Brake Type TE-I for brake drums with inch dimensions

sibre trommelbremse te-l

Shoe Brake Type TM-I 40, I 60 spring applied, solenoid released