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CR steel sheet

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Production of one of the main varieties of ferrous metal products – cold-rolled sheets – is carried out by processing of metal mass with special plasticity under pressure. Manufacturing of such products consists of three stages.

At the first stage, steel coils are made by hot-rolling method. At the second stage, the resulting hot-rolled steel sheet is pickled. AT the third stage, the sheet arrives to the cold-rolling mill stand. After that, the cold-rolled sheets are formed into coils or left untouched. Additionally, the edges can be sheared or milled. Only then these rolled steel products can come into the market.



Products Description CR steel sheets.
Details of Mills CR Mill “2500” – dimensions: 0.5-3.0х1000-1800х1800-4500 mm. Reversing Mill – 0.35-2.5х1000-1650х1800-4500 mm.

Mill “1200” – dimensions: 0.16-0.63х600-1000х1420 mm (roofing sheet). Final sizes to be agreed upon while contract execution.

Application Delivery Standard Document Dimensions, mm Steel Grades
For cold forming (stamping) GOST 9045 0.5-3.0х1000-1800х1800-4500 08kp, 08ps, 08Yu
General application GOST 16523 St1-St3 (kp, ps, sp),

08-20 (kp, ps, sp), 25

General application, for cold stamping and coating STO ММК 179 St12, USt13, RRSt13, St14, St37-2, St37-2,

RRST37-3,  St44-3 as per DIN 1623

STP 14-101-205 SPCC, SPCD, SPCE as per JIS G 3141
For manufacture of products by means of bending, light drawing, forming (shaping) and welding STO ММК 212 SAE1006, SAE 1008,

SAE 1009, SAE1010,

SAE1012 as per ASTM A366

For cold forming (stamping) STP ММК 224 FeP01-FeP06,


as per EN 10130

For enameling TP 14-101-321 0.6-1.5х1000-1400х1800-3000 08ps, 08YuR
General application and for cold stamping TP 14-101-390 0.6-2.5х1000-1800х2000-4500 08YuV, 08psV
Roofing sheet TU 14-11-262 0.3-0.6х710-830х1420 08 (kp, ps)
Packing In bundles of up to 10 mt.
Marking Paper stickers.