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CR narrow strip

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Cold-rolled strip is by far one of the most popular types of rolled steel products today. It is a thin metal sheet of 0.1 to 4.0 mm thickness. Hot-rolled pressure-treated steel coils are used for its production. As a result, the sheet thickness is greatly reduced and its surface becomes even and smooth. Afterwards, a cold-rolled strip is formed out of this sheet.



Products Description CR narrow strips.
Details of Mills, Characteristics Mill “630” – dimensions: 0.5-4.0х250-490 mm.
General Characteristics Coil inner diam. from Mill “2500” – 610 mm. Coil inner diam. from Mill “630” – 500 mm.
Application Delivery Standard Document Dimensions, mm Steel Grades
For bending, stamping of parts, for manufacture of pipes, powder wire, bearing parts, etc. GOST 503 0.7-4.0×10-450 08kp, 08ps, 08, 10kp, 10ps, 10, 08Yu
For manufacture of springs, measuring tapes, etc. GOST 2283 65G
For manufacture of parts

for machinery and structures

GOST 2284 15-20 (ps, sp), 25-70
For packing GOST 3560 1.5-1.8×15 (20,

30, 40,50)

St0, St1-St3 (ps, sp), 08-10 (kp, ps, sp), 08Yu
Slitted strips GOST 19851 0.6-3.5х100-500 08-15 (kp, ps, sp), 08Yu
For autobody parts manufacturing TU 14-4-1207 1.0-4.0х480 08-10 (kp, ps, sp), 15kp, 08Yu
For cold stamping TU 14-1-3764 0.7-2.8х100-465 08GSYuT
For autobody parts manufacturing TU 14-1-754 0.5-4.0х105-485 08 (kp, ps), 08Yu
For finishing blanking TU 14-101-498 1.0-4.5х10-450 08-20 (ps, sp), 08Yu
For cold stamping TU 14-4-1333 1.0-4.0х10-450 10YuА
For bearing races TU 14-1-4333 1.2х320;



For finishing blanking TU 14-4-1382 1.0-4.0х50-360 65G
1.0-4.0х50-450 30, 35, 40, 45, 50
For stamped link belt chains of agricultural machines TU 14-4-156 2.5х70, 2.6х30

3.0х32, 36, 70,

80, 90

For re-rolling TU 14-101-134 2.8-3.0х200-420 50HGFА
For enamel coating ТP 14-101-321 0.5-1.5х200-465 08ps, 08YuR
For manufacture of chain parts ТP 14-101-389 0.7-4.0х30-465 20H
General application and for cold stamping ТP 14-101-391 0.6-4.0х10-465 08YuV, 08psV
For manufacture of shovels STO ММК 36 1.5-1.9х320-430 St5 (ps, sp)
For stamping SТО ММК 219

(DIN 1624)

0,6-4,0×50-465 St2, USt3, RRSt3, St4
Packing From Mill “630” – in bundles of up to 6 mt.
Marking Paper stickers.