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Outdoor E-Kabin H

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E-Kabin H Series Outdoor Enclosures are designed for outdoor use for general purpose electrical applications. Monoblock or Modular options are possible with this series.




Natural Ventilation Under Canopy


By the technique of the natural ventilation, cold air enters from bottom through inside of the enclosure, hot air rises up and goes outside of the enclosure through grill under canopy.


Lifting Kit


The lifting kit is placed on the roof canopy as standard package. By the lifting kit, it is available to lift up and carry the enclosure safely and easily, even with the loads.


Front Cover Combination


In heavy current applications, when various front cover elements are necessary to be used as the purpose for protection against an accident of electric shock with direct contact, the general elements of E-Kabin are available to select.


Internal mounting accessories


Various options with E-Kabin standard internal elements in order to install electrical equipments inside of the enclosures.


Full height cover plate


Full height cover plate is used as a purpose against direct electric shock when front door is opened


Customized solution


For the special needs and customized applications, special design manufacturing is available.
By dividing enclosures horizontally or vertically, some of customized solutions pictures are shown on right side.
By our high capability and expert to design special design enclosures are available in order to provide solution for the different requirements.




The temperature inside of the enclosure should be at the standard level to provide electrical equipments to work efficiently.
For natural ventilation, the channel and grills under canopy are designed. Also, filter can be fixed behind the louvres.




Application Outdoor
Protection class IP66
Paint high-resistance against corrosion
C4 class according to ISO 12944-2
Colour Standard RAL 7035
Operating temperature -5°C, +40°C
Operating relative humidity 90% at +20° C
50% at +40° C
Operating environment conditions IE37 however, max relative humidity %90 and min temp -5 °C – acc. to EN 60721-3-3 –
Standards IEC 61439-1
IEC 62208
IEC 60529
IEC 62262