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HR Pickled Sheet

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Hot-rolled and pickled products are metallurgical products designed for use in heavy industry, construction and other spheres of the economy. Typically, mainly sheet products are hot-rolled and pickled. The list of hot-rolled and pickled products includes: hot-rolled sheet products, rolled carbon steel plates, zinc-coated sheets, galvanized steel with polymer coating, cold-rolled sheets, products for shipbuilding, flat products for boilers and vessels, chrome-plated sheets and other products.



Products Description Hot Rolled Pickled Sheets.
Details of Mills Mill “2500” – dimensions: 1.5-6.0х1000-1650х2000-6100 mm. Final sizes to be agreed upon while contract execution.
Application Delivery Standard Document Dimensions, mm Steel Grades
General Application GOST 16523 thickness less than 4 mm St1-St3 (kp, ps, sp), 08-20 (kp, ps, sp), 25
GOST 14637 thickness 4-6 mm St2-St3 (of all deoxidation degrees)
General and Special Application  

GOST 1577

08-20 (kp, ps, sp), 25
For cold forming (stamping) GOST 4041 08-20 (kp, ps, sp), 25, 08YuА-20YuА
Packing In bundles of up to 8 mt.
Marking Metal tags or paper stickers.