About us

Company ELDORADO GLOBAL SERVICE conducts its business since 2008 successfully operates and develops a separate business direction in providing a range of services in the development, manufacturing and montage of steel constructions, supply of the components for power electronics, production of rolled metal for the manufacturing and construction industries, as well as ready solutions for the construction of steel buildings of the arch type and steel hangars. All the orders are delivered by the European and American manufacturers.


In cooperation with the leading global manufacturers, we provide our partners with a wide range of high quality products, an expert technical support and competitive pricing.


We have won the trust and respect of our customers, by ensuring the highest quality products and services, by fully comprehending the needs of our customers and being commitment to our business.


Our priority is saving time and money of our clients, because we clearly realize how the costs and delivery of goods affect the income, reputation and successful activities of our clients.


Our core value is our staff who are true professionals, friendly and open
to the interests of our partners and customers. Responsive staff, devoted
to the common cause, and always ready to help.
Our mission is to provide efficient services in the provision of reliable
and cost-effective solutions for our customers and partners worldwide