Industrial equipment and systems

SIBRE – Siegerland Bremsen designs, manufactures and distributes industrial brake systems and drive components. The customers of industrial brakes (e.g. hoist brakes) are Consultants, OEMs and Operators in heavy duty industries such as but not limited to ports, steel mills, mining and regenerative energies.
SIBRE support your business processes with over fifty years of know how and experience in an optimal way – right from product development through brake manufacturing to commissioning and worldwide service with specific maintenance agreements.
Advanced brake technology for a wide range of industrial areas
All our products and processes are characterised by safety, reliability, sustainability and high quality certified acc. to ISO 9001.

Crane Wheels

Brake Drums, Brake Discs and Couplings

Hydraulic Power Units

Compact Disc Brakes

Storm Brakes

Caliper Brakes Type SHI

Drum Brakes

Twin Caliper Brakes TEXU type

Disc Brakes USB type