Industrial equipment and systems

Eldorado Global Service offers individual and mass production of various types of grinders, conveyors, transport systems, like the pneumatic, for the processing industry, including the waste recycling, food, agricultural (elevator equipment), mining, textile and other industries. Our design bureau allows to carry out orders according to the specific and individual needs of our customers. A broad range of machinery and the expertise of professionals produces high quality products in the shortest time possible and at reasonable prices.
One of the areas of expertise of Eldorado Global Service, in cooperation with foreign partners, is the development, production, testing and repair of aviation equipment, as well as the design and fabrication of rigging and molding equipment, framework parts, parts of complex shape, matrices, molds made of various materials, which are used in aircraft construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and other industries.

Измельчитель древесных отходов

Naftas vadu atkritumu pārstrādes līnija

Системы пневмотранспорта

Вентилятор центробежный

Вальцы для снятия изоляции с кабеля

Машина разделки кабеля

Линия по переработке отходов кабеля

Бункер-накопитель с дозирующим устройством


Магнитный сепаратор

Станок вибрационный (вибро-стол)


Большой измельчитель лома

The complex for processing of the swarf

The conveyor for processing of small granules

Линия переработки электронного лома