Construction of hangars and stores

SIA Eldorado Global Service offers a wide range production of prefabricated buildings on the basis of standard metal structures. Serial prefabricated buildings – is a proven solution that can satisfy the need for buildings of virtually any destination, lower the cost of construction and the timing of construction of buildings.
SIA Eldorado Global Service offers both frames, and fully complete buildings. When ordering all building components (frame, roof, walls), the customer receives a project from “one source”.
The experience of our professionals guarantee the development of solutions that best suit the architectural and structural requirements of the project, as well as reduce the metal content of the building .
Buildings come to the customer with a ready project documentation (technical building passport scheme and frame attachment points and walling).
All prefabricated buildings are based on standard components, matched to each other. Connections are made by means of bolts. Assembly of metal construction does not require welding. Сonstructions on the basis of light steel profiles are mounted on the spot foundations and often do not require a crane on a construction site.
The ease and speed of installation significantly reduces labor costs, and reduces the cost of construction and installation works. Mounting of buildings carried out by our partner companies, offering a wide range of services from installation to general contracting work.
Types walling
Buildings are available in warm and cold versions.
For warm building wall and roof rail can be done either from sandwich panels or method of sheet assembly. For cold buildings used corrugated sheet.
If you have any questions for the construction of prefabricated steel buildings, ask our experts.

Sandwich panels

LGSF-based and bimetallic buildings

Frameless buildings