Construction materials & assembly

Coated sheets represent a separate group of flat products. At iron and steel plants, flat products are covered with zinc – galvanized products – as well as polymer coating of different colours according to the RAL colour table – galvanized sheet steel products with polymer coating from continuous lines.
Cold-rolled or hot-rolled pickled steel products are typically used as a base for coated products. It is obvious that coated flat rolled products not only have a more tidy appearance but are also better protected against corrosion. In addition, products with polymeric coating have a variety of colours allowing to use them for the production of items of various colours, without resorting to their further painting. These products look impressive not only at the plant or mall, but also at home. The typical example of products made from rolled steel with polymeric coating is home appliances – refrigerators, washing machines and gas and electric stoves.

Electrolytic zinc coated steel EOZPp

Electrolytic zinc coated steel and black-plate EOZ

Electrolytic zinc coated steel EZ1, EZ2

Colour coated steel and black plate


Hot dip galvanized steel coil and sheet