Eldorado GS – Construction company of residential and commercial buildings, which specializes in design project, manufacturing and construction work services.

We design, manufacture, and construct buildings using our own unique technologies.

With 15 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on our favorable European location, our wide network of partners in many countries, and our relentless commitment to excellence. Eldorado GS has positioned itself as a top player in the steel construction market. We thrive on finding solutions to new challenges. We always find new ways to optimize construction, develop innovative technologies, and create unique projects that boast durable and cost-effective modern buildings.

Our transparent and flexible attitude to business propelled us into the ranks of market leaders. It is also the reason we’re always able to offer our customers the best solutions to any construction predicaments.

Eldorado GS means

We are committed:

To provide high-quality services in line with the requirements defined by the customer, regulated by law, and necessary for the product

To establish a collaborative business relationship with customers, subcontractors and suppliers, instilling trust in the company and maintaining our identity as a reliable partner

To never cease looking for improvement and growth opportunities in our performance and quality of services