We provide a full range of services from the proposal drafting stage to the implementation of a project of any scale

My coaching story

As the famous saying goes: “Two heads are better than one”. That’s why our professional team made up of an architect-designer, design engineer, construction engineer, construction manager, and quantity surveyor starts by completing a detailed analysis of the project proposed by the client. Throughout the whole project, our professional team maintains the objective to optimize the final design costs, as well as, the construction expenses.

How we work

The necessary permits

We do the legwork to obtain all the necessary permits, specifications, and agreements required to move forward with the design and construction of your facility.


We figure out the layout, plot the appearance (exterior) of the facility, outline the different types of structural features, and determine the optimal construction technology needed for the project. Not only that, but we work out which structure will best optimize the overall investment in the implementation of the project.

Finances and timing

Our professional team works like a well-oiled machine. This allows you to estimate your investment budget and project timelines with an accuracy of 80-90%.


Eldorado GS’s multi-level design management system provides a superior advantage. With Eldorado GS you will be offered a final product at the most competitive price, while taking into account all your wishes and construction options, even at the design stage.


Once all the construction terms and decisions for your building are agreed on, we sign a contract for design and survey work