In a flash, we can build grain, vegetable, or feed storage, construct warehouses for storing agricultural equipment, or assemble units for the processing of agricultural products, including the storage of other products, materials, or equipment.

The lightweight feature of the arch hangar means no heavy-duty construction equipment is used. The arch frame is constructed on the spot, and hangars are erected on a lightweight foundation, which guarantees the lowest construction prices.

Our services include the construction of hangars and warehouses from blocks, plastering, and painting of walls. For the roof, we use an arch radial profile. And, if necessary, the buildings are insulated with polyurethane PU foam spray. Thanks to this tried and tested method of construction, the building remains a reliable, durable structure for decades.

Why work with Eldorado GS


Turnkey projects

Eldorado GS provides design and project documents to ensure the best possible
construction solutions for the building process. We also supply prefabricated buildings as part of structural requirements. In addition, we can draft up a full project proposal for a building, down to the blueprint and installation of equipment and engineering systems.



Reduce your expansion costs

A framed industrial building is easy to construct, rebuild, and even relocate to another site. They are constructed to be 100% in line with their intended purpose.
We guarantee a stress-free manufacturing process, simple internal logistics, and a building customized to hoisting equipment and any other machinery.


Capital investment efficiency

Your investment value increases due to significant savings on steel structures, as well as, their delivery and installation costs. What’s more, shorter delivery and construction timelines mean you can start turning a profit sooner than expected.


Project optimization

Compared to other construction companies, we reduce the steel intensity of industrial buildings by up to 30%, and up to 45% if the building is equipped with hoisting devices. Our buildings are guaranteed to remain long-lasting and resilient no matter what.

In-house inventory


  • Frame


  • Frame
  • Cladding*


  • Frame
  • Cladding*
  • Insulation


  • Frame
  • Cladding*
  • Insulation
  • Installation

*Trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panel

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